Xtender Net System

All of our products, including our Xtender Net System *, fit perfectly with either the hard or soft tops installed. 

Our high quality cargo nets are handmade in Whitefish, Montana. 


* Our Exclusive Xtender Net System is only available for the 2007-2018 4 door Jeeps

2007-2018 JK 4 Door-X

Three Piece WrapAround Xtender Net

An exciting new design to protect a larger amount of your possessions and more than doubling the amount of cargo space available for your 4 door Jeep Wrangler. Your dog is gonna love it.

While all other nets follow the shape of the factory roll cage and actually reduce the size of your cargo area, our revolutionary new Xtender Bars and Xtended Net combination creates the same space as was available under your Jeep hard or soft top. And, "Yes! The bars and net can remain in place when you reinstall your Jeep hard or soft top".

All hardware is included with easy to follow instructions.





2007-2018 JK 4 Door-X/ROH

3 Piece Xtender Net & Rear Overhead Net Combo

Our new, exclusive Xtender Net offers extra room for your dog and added safety with the Rear Overhead Net.

Buy both nets and save $25.00. Now that's a winning combo!

All hardware for the 3 Piece Xtender Net is included with easy to follow instructions.





2007-2018 JK 4 Door-X/EP

 Xtender Net Entire Package Deal

Save $50.00 by purchasing the 4 door package which includes the 3 Piece Xtender Net and Bars, Front Overhead Net and Rear Overhead Net.




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  • Washable
  • Fade resistant
  • Triple-stitched
  • Computer Accuracy
  • Veterinarian approved
  • 1100 LB Tensile Strength
  • Full replacement guarantee
  • Most orders ship in 2 days
  • Phone support available